Custom on demand Geofilters are not available for purchase in the OneJay store because of how highly customizable they are but are included in the OneJay product line, all you have to do to order a custom on demand Geofilter is email with the design you're looking for. the price of all on demand Geofilters is $35.

With Snapchat's new tool that allows users to create custom on demand Geofilters it's never been more easy to express excitement digitally about an event. 

Want a custom Geofilter for your next party or family gathering? OneJay can help make that a possibility.

If your are looking for a custom community Geofilter you've also come to the right place, we charge $25 for those, but the one catch is Snapchat may not accept them, but at OneJay we're verified under Snapchat's rules and regulations so if you let us take care of it your town or city could have a new Geofilter for everyone to enjoy!